R4i Gold 3DS Plus

R4i Gold 3DS Plus

This card has a built in button to switch between DS&3DS mode. It has very good support for DS games just like the original R4i Gold 3DS RTS. And supports the latest version of the Wood R4 kernel. The R4i Gold 3DS RTS Plus is the best one to buy for playing DS games or installing custom firmware (B9S).

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R4i Gold Plus Functuality:

  • Works perfectly and directly on 2DS/New 2DS (XL)/3DS/New 3DS on firmware versions 9.2.0-22X through 11.8.0-41X.
  • Works perfectly and directly on DS/DS Lite/DSi/DSi (XL) on firmware version 1.4.5X or below.
  • Supports the latest version of the Wood R4 kernel.
  • Works with any MicroSDHC card in Fat16 or Fat32 (Up to 32GB).
  • Game save data auto detection and save type detection.
  • Built in DLDI auto-patching for homebrew.
  • Supports Wifi and DS Download Play functions.
  • Friendly user UI
  • Soft Reset compatibility
  • Moonshell and homebrew supported
  • Built in multi-language support
  • Compatible with any DS or 3DS console from any region.
  • Supports Action Replay cheats (A useful feature for new users)
  • 2nd generation storage device (No booting tools required)
  • Flush fitting Slot 1 flashcart
  • Supports any MicroSDHC card speeds with no lag within any games.
  • Supports drag and drop features for ROMs or other various files (Does not matter what firmware or kernel you use)

What comes in the package?

1x R4i Gold 3DS Plus RTS Card
1xUSB MicroSDHC Card Reader.

Flashcard Compatibility

  • 2DS 6.0.0-12 to 11.8.0-41
  • NEW 2DS XL(LL)
  • NEW 3DS,3DS,3DS XL V11.8.0-41 and all the lower versions
  • 3DS,3DS XL V11.8.0-41 and all the lower versions.
  • DSI ,DSI XL V1.4.5 and all the lower versions.
  • DS,DS Lite