AceNS Pro

AceNS Pro is the modchip released by ace3ds team and it supports hacking Switch with any firmware regions. It allows you to install Custom Firmware on Nintendo Switch and play games/homebrews. It contains a built-in AceOS License Code. Besides, AceNS Pro supports HDD, Emunand and cheats.

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If you have bought your console manufactured after June of 2018, please check if it's hackable before buying our product.You can check it out by this link:

Buy one AceNS Pro,we'll present you one free MicroSD of 32GB


  • Compatible with all firmwares and all regions on every Nintendo Switch released before June 2018.
  • Supports playing games: With AceOS you can play all your favorite games straight off of the microSD card or your external storage device.
  • Supports External Hard Drive: AceOS supports the use of an external hard drive or flash drive via the USB port of the Dock so you can easily access your entire
        collection at the press of a button
  • Supports Emunand: AceOS supports EmuNAND and it is easy to set up and works directly from your MicroSD card.
  • Supports Cheats: Power up all of your favorite games with a complete cheat support system.
  • Supports Homebrew games: Using AceOS homebrew menu launcher you can enjoy all the quality games and software created by independent developers.


AceNS Pro User Guide

  • 1. Download firmware of AceOS and copy boot.dat to your Switch's MicroSD card. Insert the micro SD card into your Switch console.


  • 2. Make sure that your Switch console is completely power off. Slide the Jig into the Right-Hand Joycon rail and push it down, insert AceNS Pro Loader to your Switch console. Holding the VOL+ button, press the Power Button. Your Switch should boot into AceOS Bootloader.


  • 3.When you perform the first boot of AceOS, select the first option "Boot custom FW", a unique file will be created(license-request.dat) on your MicroSD card.


  • 4.Select the Album icon and follow the instruction to activate the AceOS (you need to ensure that the switch is properly connected to the Internet, press A to activate it) or enter, upload the license-request.dat file on your MicroSD card of switch. Then the server will send back a license.dat file, and copy license.dat to your MicroSD card to activate AceOS.


Packaging Contents

  • AceNS Pro Loader(includes AceOS Code),
  • RCM Jig,
  • MicroUSB Cable