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AceNS Loader is with built-in 3 payloads- ATMOSPHERE, REINX and SX OS, switch hacker could switch to the payload they want. AceNS supports payload.bin directly, Maximum up to 6 payload, which is easy in operation. It´s a pretty competitive dongle thanks to its compatibility of 6 different payloads of which 3 are pre-installed! 

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AceNS is the new hack tool for users to inject SX OS/Atmosphere/REINX payloads and boot into Custom Firmware on Nintendo Switch. AceNS is built-in the three payloads and you can switch the payloads by pressing the button on AceNS dongle. It includes one AceNS Dongle, one Jig, and micro USB cable. It is easy to use and you just need to download the files for the payload you selected.


1. Work on all Nintendo Switch system versions.

2. Supports payload.bin directly, Maximum up to 6 payload.

3. Built-in 3 payloads: ATMOSPHERE,REINX and SXOS, easy to switch by pressing button.

4. Easy Management-It will be immediately recognized as a USB flash drive when connect to PC.

5. Good compatibility, supports WINDOWS,MAC OS and LINUX system.

6. Firmware updatable.


1. Turn on your Switch console and insert the AceNS loader, the LED will blink for 10 seconds for charging.

2. Hold down the button to change the payload

REINX – Green Light
SX OS – Red Light the SX OS, ATMOSPHERE and ReiNX kernel, extract to the root directory of the microSD card, if you want to launch the ATMOSPHERE or ReiNX, you have to copy the NSP games to the tinfoil / nsp folder of the microSD card.


4. turn off your console and slide the RCM jig into the right joycon rail, then insert the AceNS into your console, hold down the VOL + button, then press the power button, and the selected payload will be injected into the console.

5.boot the CFW, select the album and you will enter the hbmenu, launch the Tinfoll to install the NSP games.

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