EZ Flash Omega is the latest flash card to hack GBA and GBC games without any limit. It has two cards to be compatible with the GBA and DS / DS Lite consoles. With this new flash card, we will not need to download the emulator to run GBA games. It is really simple to hack your GBA console as an R4 3DS card. 

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The flash card EZ-Flash Omega is available, it is the best card to hack all the GBA games, as well as the SNES and GBC games. EZ Flash Omega is better than the previous cards as well as the EZ Flash IV and the EZ Flash Reform. Players can simply download ROM of GBC / GB / NES games on the microsd card, then the EZFlash Omega can recognize them on their GB or NDS device. It is compatible with Cheats, RTC, save in real time.

The characteristics of the EZ Flash Omega
Very easy to handle, just copy the GBA games, then just play, you do not need any clients.
Supports all these functions: Cheats, real time clock, sleep mode, data storage, shortcut key.
Direct storage based on hardware to the SD card.
Read all GB / GBC / NES games without any risk.
Fast patch engine, instant game load speed, additional manual patch engine to support modifications
256Mb PSRAM instant reading speed with all games
512Mb Norflash, save your favorite games
System in recovery mode from the chip, prevents dead update
It is compatible with FAT16 / FAT32 / EXFAT, and 128MB-128GB SD cards
Firmware and kernel are updatable