R4i B9S 3DS

R4i-B9S (la tarjeta R4 admite B9S / 3DS CFW)

The R4i B9S 3DS flash cartridge is a new product to play free 3D games in CIA format, this card allows you to play free DS games. An R4i-B9S card has very good compatibility, works on the Nintendo New3DS, New 2DS, Old 2DS for all firmwares, such as for 3DS V11.8.0-41E. The R4i B9S 3DS supports the popular 3DS CkFW Luma3DS and NTRBoothax

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The R4i B9S card is really fashionable in Europe. As we know, it is very expensive to buy all the original cartridges, and Sky3DS + is also a bit expensive in the market. However, the R4i B9S 3DS is available. You can use this card to play free 3DS games in the CIA format.


A R4i B9S 3DS flash cartridge helps us enjoy custom 3DS firmware. With pre-installed DS / NTRBoot, you can easily install boot9strap and Luma 3DS CFW on your 3DS, New 3DS or 2DS, 2DS XL consoles


The Kernel R4i B9S

In fact, if you do not have any kernel for the R4i B9S flash cartridge. but it has a B9S Flasher V2.0 to flash B9S to flash cartridge DS. All players can download the B9S Flasher here http://r4i-sdhc.com/B9SSector.asp


FAQ about R4i B9S 3DS

Q: Can R4i B9S 3DS switch to NDS flash cartridge to play DS games for free in 3DS?

A: Yes, you can use the B9S flasher to change, then you can enjoy your free DS games.


Q: Can Nintendo patch this R4i B9s card?

A: Do not! do not worry, they do not have new hardware revisions in the market.


Q: My memory card is blocked by my firmware! Can I still use the R4i-B9S card?

A: Yes! Blacklist of black card is not activated in the bootrom.


Q: Can I unblock a blockade?

A:Considering that the card has access to the bootrom, it is likely that it does! This can potentially unlock any block (except MCU), unless you've stabbed the motherboard.


Q: Does this work on the New Nintendo 2DS XL?

A: Yes. The R4i-B9S works perfectly for the 3DS (XL) / New 3DS (XL) / 2DS / New 2DS (XL)